After more than 20 years of working in and with schools, districts, universities and non-profits, we understand the nuances, complexities and challenges of communicating with so many different audiences. We help you understand which messages resonate with each stakeholder group by conducting rigorous up-front and ongoing research. We then help you effectively share your key messages and stand-out stories through curated narratives, fresh designs and bold visuals that all translate to successful PR, branding and marketing campaigns.

We are also highly skilled in areas that enrich your internal environment such as organizational culture and employee engagement research and programming, customized staff trainings and executive coaching.

Finally, because of our extensive experience in the field, we can provide short-term communications office support. So, whether you're in-between communications directors or just need help on a particular project, we can seamlessly slip in, becoming a member of your team.

We’re a team of focused, empathetic, passionate storytellers, communicators, designers, brand strategists and researchers who have committed their careers to serving educational institutions and non-profits. 

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Scott Bertschy, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, University of Michigan
“For years, we turned to Amanda as both a problem solver and a strategic communicator. She has a stellar work ethic and is always on top of her game. Supportive to her co-workers and inspiring as a leader, she’s a rare combination of talent and personality.”


Why should you choose

Holdsworth Communications?

There is no other firm out there with a team that’s been embedded in executive roles at private and public K-12 schools and districts, public and private universities and non-profits. Throw in experience consulting for technical campuses, charter schools and foundations, and we’ve covered every realm in this niche.


We understand your position

We know the demands placed on you both internally and externally. We understand approval processes. We know budgeting procedures. We are very familiar with the admissions cycle. And we are certainly well-aware of the importance of getting your message right the first time.


We become part of your team

Think of us as an extension of your team; the team that will uncover and promote the stories that make your school, district or non-profit unique, special and, frankly, outstanding. The team that will take the extra, but necessary, work off your plate.

Yes. Please fill out the form here with as many details as possible and Dr. Holdsworth will personally reach out to set up a complimentary consultation call.

I want to become the best communicator and leader possible. Do you offer one-on-one training or coaching?


Yes, we do. With 20 years of experience as a school and non-profit spokesperson, Dr. Holdsworth is well-versed in crisis communications processes, message development, media monitoring and coaching, and can support your school or district on short notice. Contact us via form or at 734.224.2148 for the quickest response.

Help! We have a crisis. Do you provide crisis communications consulting?


Yes. Please send us a message with detailed information on what you are looking for and we’ll be in touch within two business days.

I would like our entire team trained in communications best practices so we can work on our own branding, marketing and PR. Do you offer this type of service?


Yes! We often work with schools and districts on projects like e-newsletters, annual reports, content creation and social media management. Contact us and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your needs.

It seems like you only work on major campaigns. I have a smaller project that I need help with; can you accommodate that?


We sure do! In January 2021, we launched School Comms Lab, a low-cost membership site that provides subscribers with fresh, monthly content and templates for your e-newsletters and social media sites. Learn more here.

I’m a school/district administrator and, unfortunately, we don’t have a PR expert on staff. Do you have any resources that could help us improve our communications to parents and the community?