Other than the fact that we're a fun bunch to work with, you'll find no other team in the country that has such extensive experience in all aspects of educational communications.

From higher ed to public and private schools, from senior administration to teaching to consulting, we've done it all.  We know how budgets work. We understand approval processes. We get the importance of identifying and communicating with a wide variety of audiences.

In short, we get it. And, we've got your back.

Why          ?

For the last 22 years, Amanda has led the PR, communications, marketing and branding efforts of public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities. She earned both her Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations and Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California.

Amanda is a former assistant professor of PR and marketing in Canada and the U.S., and her post-doc research in organizational culture, burnout and employee engagement has been featured in multiple global publications.

She is the proud mom of two curious, creative and kind school-aged kiddos who love traveling, exploring and learning together as a family.


Dr. Amanda

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When Amanda was five, she first set foot on a college campus. Her mom, a non-traditional student, had to take Amanda with her to class because she didn’t have back-up childcare on a school snow day. She fell in love with education that day, later studying abroad multiple times, earning four degrees and dedicating her entire career to the sector.

Amanda’s two decade-long career working in K-12 and higher ed institutions fueled her to launch her own firm in 2016 (formerly, CommunicatED Consulting) with the goal of serving schools, districts and non-profits in more creative, innovative and targeted ways than what was currently being offered.

the why

Our team, all experienced in educational and non-profit communications, believes there is no one-size-fits-all service for any school or organization.

Every client has their own stories. Their own messages. Their own people and programs. Their own why.

And it’s our job, through research and relationship-building, to amplify your brand, highlighting your people and programs and shine a light on the impact you’re making on those you serve.

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Amanda Holdsworth
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Our team focuses on strategic communications which includes research, evaluation and processes (both ours and yours).



We are thoughtful creatives. We learn all we can about your organization in order to make the best possible recommendations for your brand.



You won’t see us proposing tactics that are beyond your budget. Together, we’ll set clear expectations and then our team will hit the ground running.



Storytelling is at the heart of everything Waseem does. A focus on user experience, visuals and emotion help tell that story and demonstrate a brand's value. Through sensible development and a crystal-clear brand identity, he creates a seamless experience for the audience. His approach to developing marketing materials is to always stay fresh while staying true to a brand.

Waseem is the ultimate go-to team player with extensive experience in educational, non-profit and corporate branding, marketing, public relations, graphic design, web design, e-communications, photography and video production. He earned his B.B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from Wayne State University.

Waseem Hammoud

Brittney is a motivated mother of two who finds joy in making sense of the chaos. She is the founder of Busy Bee Brittney, where she has spent the last few years assisting others with their email management, organizational, and administrative tasks. She handles all of the incoming requests for Holdsworth Communications and assists our team with meeting project deadlines.

Brittney sees every day as a challenge, and she considers herself a lifelong learner with a natural curiosity for life. Her love for her family and travel have helped her see the world through a new lens. This has led her to develop a range of skills that she now uses every day as a virtual assistant for her clients. She strongly believes no one should do it alone, and looks forward to helping every day. 

Project Assistant
Brittney Lilova

The philosophy of “Life, Laughter and Love” was what inspired Derek to remember what’s important to capture – moments, not just photographs – when he has a camera in his hand.

Like Amanda, he’s a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. (they’ve known each other for more than 35 years!) and together, they’ve collaborated on dozens of school, district, university and non-profit branding and marketing campaigns and events.

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Derek Cookson

Charlotte is the lead designer and owner of Charlotte Coughlin Design and serves as a Senior Design Consultant for Holdsworth Communications.. She has worked on a variety of graphic design projects, ranging from print and layout design to developing visual branding and social media strategies for marketing campaigns. In addition, she has worked with educators, entrepreneurs and universities to make their design dreams a reality.

Research and strategy are behind all of Charlotte's work. Every design decision she makes has a purpose of conveying the message of the project and achieving its goal. She strongly believes that everything should be pleasing to the eye, but more importantly they should be impactful. Charlotte studied graphic design and communications in college, which allows her to combine her creativity with strategy, which she continues to use every day. 

Charlotte Coughlin

How small details create a whole picture is the base of Alex’s work in content creation and teaching. He is fascinated with cool punctuation, unique logos, good art, clear layouts and how all of these elements create an emotional response in the audience. Over the past 10 years, he has gained experience in copywriting, editing, project management, graphic and web design, photography and animation to understand how each piece contributes to digital marketing.

Having been published in the Marco Polo Arts Mag for creative nonfiction, Alex is passionate about telling true stories in creative and engaging ways. He holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Cedarville University and an M.A. in Teaching from the University of Louisville.

Alex MacPhail-Fausey

A master storyteller with experience writing for Her Campus and the University of Connecticut, Gabriela assists both K-12 and higher ed clients in developing blog and website content and crafting thought leadership pieces for industry publications.

Gabriela also will leads PR efforts for the School Comms Lab our pro bono campaigns.

"I value stories and the importance of telling one," Gabriela shared. "Stories that seem ordinary or insignificant, are the ones that have impacted me the most. My commitment to conveying the stories about education is inspired by my mom, a teacher."

Gabriela Esposito